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Tai Chi Practice on the Waterfront
Peacekeeper Initiative believes that physical and mental wellness are necessary for proper job performance as a way of job related, or post-service related, stress relief and is critical to the healing process, as well as the stress inoculation process.  Stress inoculation is the preparation of the mind to handle stress in a more effective and healthy way to prevent stress injuries like anxiety and PTSD that are all too common to First Responders and Veterans.  No one knows why some individuals get PTSD, anxiety, and depression from these jobs and some do not, but it could have something to do with childhood experiences, prior trauma before service, or lack of preparation.

Peaceful, stress-relieving activities, like Tai Chi, Yoga, Equine Therapy, Fishing, SCUBA, Cycling, and Walking or Hiking are things that can be enjoyed together with peers who have experienced similar events in their lives and who might serve as a listener, advice giver, and referral source.  Sometimes, they just become friends and exercise buddies or dive buddies.  These types of activities not only foster relationships but they have a positive effect on the body and mind.  Endorphins, the body's feel good chemical, are often released with exercise and a feeling of peace and well-being follow.  The same is true for the  inner peace that come from being on, or under, the water, Yoga, and Tai Chi.

Peacekeeper Initiative strives to provide these activities either free of charge or at a minimal, subsidized cost, depending on our funding status at the time.  This is why giving is so important to helping our local heroes heal their bodies and minds from the inevitable stress resultant from their jobs or prior service.  Please consider a donation above.  If you would like to find out more, email: or call (727) 914-9988.

Yoga on the Beach
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