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success stories


Marty- Active Police Officer

It was really cool to meet up with Rich Alvarez from the Peacekeeper Initiative and Paul Gage from Reeling Freedom for a great fishing experience.  Looking forward to going again in February.  That trip helped me recharge and reset my mind from the stress of law enforcement patrol work.  Opportunities like this go a long way in helping First Responders unwind and remain sane.

Aaron and Gee Gee with Sara Scuba Lessons.jpg

Aaron & Gee Gee- Retired & Disabled Military

Aaron and his wife Gee Gee are ex-military.  Aaron is a retired and disabled sailor from the Navy, while Gee Gee is a retired Army soldier.  Aaron suffers from PTSD and is happy to get his Open Water and Nitrox Certifications from our partner organization Heroes Dive Center of Dunedin, because he says "It is a skill for a lifetime.  So many other programs just help you that day, but the Peacekeeper Initiative gave me a skill for life.  The peace I get underwater really helps calm my PTSD."

Mike Suffolk County PD.jpg

Mike- Retired Police Officer

I really enjoy having coffee or lunch with Rich from the Peacekeeper Initiative.  I suffered head trauma and PTSD from my time with the Suffolk County PD, and we can talk about shared similar experiences that only another cop can understand.  I get to vent and share my experiences, and it gives me some relief.

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